Monday, April 11, 2016

Causes and How to Overcome Slow Laptop

Laptop slow itself certainly will be a problem for users that can interfere with the activity of use. How not, slow laptop will run very slowly, and it will seem annoying, especially if you want to use quickly. Laptop becomes slow is actually caused by various factors. In the discussion this time will discuss about some ways to overcome slow laptop as well with cause you need to know.

Here Causes and How to Overcome Slow Laptop

Before knowing how to cope with slow laptop, it helps if you know what are the actual causes of the slow laptop. There are many causes of slow laptop such as too many installed applications, running multiple applications at the same time, many temporary files are stored, exposed to viruses and malware, a lot of dust, and lots more. To fix this, you can try some of the following ways!

Uninstall Applications Not Needed

The first way to overcome the slow laptop is to uninstall the application that is not needed or you rarely use. As in the above explanation that slow laptop may be caused because there are many applications that are installed. Well for applications that would not that you need, it's good to remove or uninstall the application to assist in overcoming the slow performance on a laptop that you use. To remove or uninstall You can go to Control Panel, Programs, then select Uninstall Program.

Scan with your Antivirus

How to cope with slow laptop next scan with antivirus software you use. Laptop slow can be caused because the laptop you use is most likely infected by a virus, malware, or the like. To prevent or overcome this, then you could do a full scan on a laptop that you use. There are many antivirus software that you can use to help the scanning process. Viruses are nesting on the laptop not only making slow laptop, but also can cause dangerous problems such as the risk of data loss.

Cleaning Junk Files

How to cope with slow laptop next is to try to clean junk files. Junk files contained on the laptop was only weigh on your laptop becomes slow. So to overcome this, it is better for you to try to clean up junk files. To clean up junk files, then you can try a variety of applications that are used to help clean up junk files. As for junk files themselves could arise due to the use of many kinds of applications.

Clean Inside Laptop

Dust that has accumulated in the laptop can also cause a lot of problems such as laptops become hot quickly and the performance decreases. To help overcome these problems, it is better for you to try to clean the dust contained in the laptop. You can try to disassemble your own laptop, or can also use a portable vacuum cleaner is useful for vacuuming inside your laptop. Usually vaccum cleaner using a USB port so it will be easier to use.

defrag the hard drive

The last way in this discussion is by defragmenting the hard disk. For this you can do one month to maintain hard drive performance in a laptop fixed maximum. For how you can click Start, and then type defragment. Defrag the hard drive itself is useful to help rearrange the parts in the hard disk as a result of the use of a day. With so then the hard drive will be more durable and helps improve performance.


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